Of weirdness and magic.

Delfina and I decided to work in this project together for different reasons. The most important was because we both were really excited about the request of the brief: find three weird things in our Local Universe and make a narrative of it. Weird things keep us awake taking us out of our ordinary life…. as much as magic does! So off we went after the class in our search for weird things. Two of the three things were situated in a street closed to Brick Lane. The first thing we encountered was a strange shape in a brick wall. The bricks were pushed inside the wall as if it was a magic door that would open with a magic spell inviting strange beings from another world into this one.

pared magica

The second weird thing was a satanic car parked in the same street. We felt these two things were waiting for us to use them in our project.

coche maldito

The third thing was “The Bridge”: a coffeshop situated in Shoreditch. This is an amazing place that one would never imaging when passing by what the inside is like, especially the top floor. It takes you to another time and another country. We both agree that this place absolutely needed to be in our story.

cafe misterioso

cafe misterioso 2

cafe misterioso 3

In our return home, a more than one hour bus ride, we articulated our story with much enthusiasm. For the rest of the days until the handing in there were lots of calls, emails and messages about the many bits of the making of the video. We did all the photos in the same day. Our story has three characters. Ashley, Delfina’s boyfriend, was happy to be in our video and also to take the pictures of Delfina and me in The Bridge. Delfina knew how she wanted to dress in the video. The use of the blue wig gives the story a bit more of weirdness.  As for my character, dressed as Madame Iris in the old fashion cafe, I wanted to have a look between a gipsy and the actress Dita Parlo in the French film L’Atalante by Jean Vigo, when she is under the water as a spirit. For the talisman we used a doll I made some time ago. We added to it a couple of big ears that I had in my studio: we wanted everything very weird!!

munequita talisman

Then it was the editing of the pictures in PhotoShop and the video in Adobe Premiere. Delfina was mainly working in this as she is more familiar than me with this program. I decided to learn in my free time more about this program. I saw in this project the possibilities and the fun of making videos.

One of the most important things in the whole process of making this video was the fun we had. Somehow I feel this is transmitted to the viewer. I hope you enjoyed watching it!



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