Book Binding









I tried to have some coherence along the different works trough this year. For this reason, I kept using this binding I started doing for my mini-fanzine.

I also tried some other ways for the “Tomorrow will be different” book but I did not like it. “My” usual binding didn’t work for this book due to the amount of pages (48 all together) so I decided to use a binding without piercing the pages. And it works really well and looks good. Sometimes the easiest can be the best, but it’s a shame to get there after messing around so much. Before I realized I could use this binding I had printed and wasted four books!





2 thoughts on “Book Binding

  1. Hi Iris, I saw one of your little book binding pieces at the House Of Illustrations. I really regret not buying it. Is it possible to buy one directly from you to have it posted? I live in London but am not able to get back to the gallery shop to buy it.



    1. Hi, Thank you for your interest!
      Sure I can send you one. They are also in sale at the Cass, where the final year show is held, just in case you are also showing your work there and will be going sometime. If you are still interested in me sending you one copy please text me where to send it to 07946118907 or email
      All the best, Iris.


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